Community Impact
We work with communities to ensure that critical supports are available for early intervention and treatment of neurodevelopmental disabilities in childhood and adolescence and that social supports are available throughout the lifespan.

Find earlier, more successful interventions
MIDB includes U experts in economics and public policy who contribute a deeper and more precise understanding of the impact that brain development has on society, leading us to earlier, more successful interventions that put young lives on a healthy course.

“This institute will be very much open and outward facing. We want the community to be involved as important partners with us. That way we will accelerate the science and the well-being of our youth over time.”  -- Dr. Damien Fair, Co-director

Institute on Community Integration
The Institute on Community Integration (ICI) is a designated University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, part of a national network of similar programs in major universities across the country. The Institute is home to over 70 projects and five affiliated centers, addressing disability issues across the lifespan. ICI’s collaborative research, training, and information-sharing ensure that people with disabilities are valued by, included in, and contribute to their communities of choice throughout their lifetime.

Community Highlights