Brain in a Box

science activity for youth

The Brain-in-a-Box is an exciting brain-focused educational engagement program.

Brian-in-a-Box strives to form positive associations and behaviors to strengthen students’ self-empowerment and educate them about how brain damage can alter personalities, learn how the brain develops, and discover ways to promote healthy brain development.

The goal of the Brain-in-a-Box program is to change knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with brain health. Run by a combination of staff and students, the Brain-in-a-Box presentations include research-based content and deploy cutting-edge teaching strategies to ensure active learning. Prior to the Brain-in-a-Box session, staff work with the teacher to integrate the neuroscience content into their curriculum to ensure it fits seamlessly into the learning objectives.

All Brain-in-a-Box sessions occur over two consecutive weeks. Every year, the program is revised based on student and teacher feedback to assure continuous improvement in content about genes, brain plasticity, adolescent brain development, and how our sense of identity is contained within the brain.

The learning opportunities for students are embedded in an engaging PowerPoint presentation and hands-on activities. The program has been designed to incorporate grade-appropriate science content and inquiry skills. Additionally, YES! has planning meetings with teachers hosting the Brain-in-a-Box to ensure materials presented in class flows with the lesson plans to enhance the learning environment of the students.