At MIDB, researchers, educators, care providers, policy experts and community members work side by side to better understand how young brains develop. Meet some of the people who are working to accelerate discoveries and improve brain health across the lifespan.

Amy Hewitt

"At @ICIUMN, we are excited about the opportunities to break even more ground for people with disabilities by partnering with clinicians and faculty from new areas to connect on projects about the holistic lives of people with disabilities." - Amy Hewitt, PhD

Allison Holt

"The most exciting part of #MIDB is our world-class platform where research intersects with clinical care—helping us to improve our care and increase our impact on the communities we serve." - Allison Holt, MD

Beth Heinz

"Clinicians at #MIDB are able to integrate research-backed new approaches continuously. In turn, our patients and families benefit from the newest, most recent changes to the care approach, ensuring state-of-the-art treatment, intervention models & outcomes." - Beth Heinz, MHA

Kathleen Thomas

“I’m proud to be a collaborator of #MIDB, which is bringing together critical stakeholders representing basic research, clinical intervention, and outreach from across the University.”  - Kathleen Thomas, PhD

Jed Elison

“MIDB will represent a nexus of deep interdisciplinary expertise - in a state-of-the-art facility - poised to effect positive change in the lives of children.” - Jed Elison, PhD

Sophia Vinogradov

"I am thrilled to be part of #MIDB and work together with other clinical experts in new ways to deliver outstanding care to children." - Sophia Vinogradov, PhD

Megan Gunnar

“MIDB provides the resources to help us understand the biological embedding of early experiences and the types of interventions that can improve children's outcomes.” - Megan Gunnar, PhD

Steve Nelson

"The great thing about MIDB's state-of the-art MRI is we're able to see inside a brain in a non-invasive way so we can understand what’s happening. We then have the potential to use that info. to tailor treatment for each person rather than using a 'one size fits all' treatment." - Steven Nelson, PhD

Anita Randolph

“My greatest mission in life is to be a link in the chain, a bond of connection between people. I am committed to using my link in the chain to strengthen the bridge between the community and the University of Minnesota.” - Anita Randolph, PhD

Neely Miller

“By bringing together faculty from across disciplines & removing barriers between clinicians & researchers, we can approach research questions in a more comprehensive way, accelerating discovery and making a difference in the lives of kids and families.” - Neely Miller

Christine Conelea

"Pediatric neuromodulation is a new area, and the capabilities and equipment at MIDB enable us to expand our research and look towards the future. The more we know about the brain and how to directly target brain processes, the more we can help young people." - Christine Conelea, PhD

Michael Georgieff

"For 20 years we've been talking about this idea of if we can get kids off on the right start developmentally, it sets the trajectory for the lifespan. MIDB is the place where that all comes together under one roof-a pipeline from translational science to clinical science." - Michael Georgieff, MD, Co-Director

Joseh Negliz

"Navigating care is hugely important. So having clinical care in the same building as research simplifies patients' access to new therapies in a way that may not exist elsewhere." - Joseph Neglia, MD, MPH

Kathryn Cullen

“I love working with kids, they're interesting and fun. But, also, most mental health disorders emerge during adolescence. So it’s a critical period for us to study and make a difference.” - Kathryn Cullen, MD

Damien Fair

"At the start of my career, I had huge ambitions for my work to impact people in the community. I soon realized that can't happen without lots of people w/different types of expertise working together. We built MIDB to enable these interactions & to maximize community impact." - Damien Fair, Co-Director

Jennifer Hall-Lande

“The environment of MIDB facilitates rich interdisciplinary collaboration, with research, teaching, and clinical practice working together to develop innovative approaches, improve services, and train the next generation of leaders in our field.” - Jennifer Hall-Lande, PhD

Sylia Wilson

“MIDB offers unparalleled opportunities to better understand the developing brain and the factors that promote adaptive development during the critical first years of life and into childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.” - Sylia Wilson, PhD

Melissa Koenig

“I’m excited to be a part of MIDB because it is building an infrastructure that supports successful community engagement – by way of developing a new culture that carefully listens and responds to community partners.” - Melissa Koenig, PhD