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The new home of MIDB unites researchers, educators, M Health Fairview care providers, and policy experts at a single site at 2025 E. River Parkway in Minneapolis.

The facility is designed to offer a serene and welcoming environment. Located approximately one mile from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, the site is easily accessible for patients, families and visitors.

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Located on a 10.2-acre property, MIDB's 116,000 square feet facility includes:

Drawing From Mississippi River Setting

Using warm textures and natural colors, the visual theme of MIDB draws on its connection to the Mississippi River, located just south of the building.

Several murals throughout the building are designed to complement that theme and invoke a spirit of playfulness, wayfinding, welcoming and connective body wave through the entire public and patient/visitor areas of the building.

MIDB Mural

Created by MIDB's design architect HGA in collaboration with the MIDB University Project Team, the first floor murals reflect the flow of the river, and the second floor murals reflect the treetops that run along the river. The designs were chosen to relate to young children while respecting that MIDB will service the needs of many ages, including teens, young adults and adults.

Outdoor spaces include beautiful grounds with indigenous plants, an accessible playground, and access to nearby walking paths.

Artwork installed at MIDB

Art as the Heartbeat of MIDB

Research has shown that integrating the arts into health care and community-based settings helps to cultivate a healing environment and promote social inclusion. That's why at MIDB we’ve curated and installed artwork throughout the facility. This artwork also helps tell our story of who and what we are.

Our vision is to create a safe space that provides a rich visitor experience through the installation of well researched, high-calibur art. Our Art Program Committee volunteers their time to establish, preserve, and document permanent and rotating art collections that reflect the diverse local, national, and international communities MIDB serves.