Process for Engagement Request

Engage with an MIDB Hub for assistance with a Research or Project Request

  • Investigator completes MIDB Request for Service Form at least 16 weeks prior to deadline (for pre-award/project preparation requests) or 16 weeks prior to project start (for post-award/project execution requests). Requests submitted after 16 weeks will be considered based on core capacity
  • MIDB Research team at [email protected] reviews requests and contacts investigator within 7 days
  • Investigator meets with applicable Core personnel to determine project needs and effort (generally within 2-3 weeks)
  • If project is utilizing CNBD research space, Scientific Advisory Committee reviews request for fit and resource allocation
  • MIDB research team communicates budgeting information and MIDB Statement of Work to investigator
  • Investigator signs & returns MIDB Statement of Work
  • Depending on request, cores either complete pre-award/project preparation work or commence post-award/project execution work
  • Accepted projects will be assigned to an MIDB project manager. More information about MIDB project management support can be found here


For questions related to engagement requests, please email [email protected].