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TeleOutreach Hub: Advancing our approach to brain health by leveraging technology to enhance development of, awareness of, access to, collaboration with, and diverse participation in MIDB activities.

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Our Expertise

We support researchers in the use of telecom technology to increase broad participation in research and clinical research efforts. We also develop and adapt methodology to conduct research and clinical research in naturalistic settings (e.g., homes). Additionally, we support multi-site networks and data collection, and we reach populations with low incidence needs (e.g., rare disease).

In addition to serving as a research service core, we lead interdisciplinary working groups focused on the following focus areas: 1) delivering clinical services to more families, 2) leveraging technology to provide training and education, 3) connecting quickly with families and providers facing urgent situations, 4) building scalable connections with community.

Our Directors

Jessica Simacek and Adele Dimian

Jessica Simacek, PhD, Director TeleOutreach Center, Research Manager 2, Institute on Community Integration
Adele Dimian, PhD, Associate Director, TeleOutreach Center, Research Associate, Institute on Community Integration

Examples of Our Engagement

youth sitting in shadows

Working Group: Interdisciplinary intervention pathways for self-injurious behavior in children and youth

The mission of this workgroup is to understand and treat self-injury/ self-harm in children and adolescents. Members representing Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychology, Educational Psychology, Pediatrics, and Computer Science and Engineering, the Autism and Neurodevelopment Clinic and the Fragile X Clinic work towards development of research protocols, clinical data inventory, grant submissions, and training and community engagement opportunities.

telehealth session

Working Group: Addressing barriers to evaluation and intervention access for children, youth, and families

The initial primary focus of this workgroup is to scale up a promising practice of early, supplemental caregiver coaching via telehealth technology for children who have recently received a neurodevelopmental disability diagnosis. This process includes a rapid referral and subsequent rapid onset of intervention via secure video conferencing to families in their homes. Learn more about the TeleOutreach Center here.

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Working Group: TeleOutreach and Extension

Partnering with the College of Extension, this group’s preliminary aims are to build meaningful and long-term engagement with  Minnesota communities, particularly rural Communities, and to understand the needs of  and engage these communities in relation to youth with developmental or behavioral health  needs. We have successfully launched a Community Mentorship program and accepted three educators paired with community partners, who serve as mentee dyads. With support from TeleOutreach mentors, the dyads engage in needs assessment, training, and technical assistance resources throughout Minnesota.

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TeleOutreach Resources for Providers, Educators, and Families

The Teleoutreach Hub appreciates the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation in supporting tele-outreach services at MIDB