Current studies supported by MIDB

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Principal Investigator(s)Study name
Burrows, CaseyAutism and Neurodevelopment Clinic and Pediatric Neuropsychology Clinic Database 
Burrows, CaseyAutism and pediatric neuropsychology database project
Conelea, Christine
Conelea, Christine
Neuromodulation and Exposure Therapy for Youth with OCD (NExT)
Conelea, ChristineTranscranial magnetic stimulation to augment behavior therapy for tics
Conelea, ChristineQuantification of tics in tourette syndrome
Conelea, Christine and Nelson, SteveMapping Individual Networks for TMS (MINT)
Cullen, KathrynImagination Studio: piloting the feasibility and mechanisms of a novel participatory arts intervention for college students with depression
Cullen, KatieNEA - Imagination Central
Cullen, KatieNEA Research Lab - Imagination Central
Cullen, KatieCreativity Camp study
Dimian, AdeleAssessment of repetitive, challenging, sensory, and pain behavior among individuals with CFC syndrome
Domingo, KristineEvaluation of deep brain stimulation patients and post-operation lucency
Elaine McCarthyIron status and neurological outcomes in maternal-infant birth cohorts
Elgersma, KristinNutrition, growth, and neurodevelopment for infants with critical congenital heart disease 
Elison, JedInfant Brain Imaging Study (IBIS) — MRI based presymptomatic prediction of ASD
Elison, JedEarly development in agenesis of the corpus callosum
Elison, JedPhenoscreening — parsing early emerging heterogeneity related to autism spectrum disorder
Elison, JedInfant Phenoscreening — testing a new approach for early identification of ASD
Elison, JedParent perspectives on social behavior
Esler, AmyNatural history of Fragile X: FORWARD-MARCH study
Esler, AmyObesity in autism project
Esler, AmyAutism hospital toolkit
Esler, AmyValidation of the ADI-3
Fair, Damien Containerizing abcd-dicom2bids
Fair, Damien ABCD-BIDS community collection (ABCC Project)
Gu, Lidan & Kizilbash, SarahNeurocognitive concerns in kidney transplant candidates and recipients
Gunlicks-Stoessel, MeredithA pilot study of a parenting intervention for parents of adolescents with non-suicidal self-injury
Gunlicks-Stoessel, Meredith HEART-P
Gunlicks-Stoessel, Meredith A pilot study of a parenting intervention for parents of adolescents with non-suicidal self-injury
Hamed Ekhtiari,fMRI guided individualized TMS to manage drug craving in people with methamphetamine use disorder
Hudock, RebekahEvaluation of a mentorship program for individuals with autism spectrum disorder
Hudock, RebekahExamining the Impact of Art Therapy for Adolescents with ASD and Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Anxiety
Hudock, Rebekah
Evaluating a Strengths-Based Community Mentoring Program for Autistic Youth and Adults
Hudock, Rebekah Pilot RCT of a community mentoring program for youth and adults with autism
Hudock, Rebekah Evaluation of a mentorship program for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Hudock, Rebekah Art therapy for children with ASD and anxiety
Hudock, Rebekah PEERS telehealth intervention for NF1
Hudock, Rebekah Autism and Neurodevelopment Treatment Database
Hudock, Rebekah Transitioning to employment
Hudock, Rebekah Transition Supports for Individuals with Autism and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Hudock, Rebekah AMP community engagement with diverse communities
Hudock, Rebekah ADHD parent behavior training - focus groups
Hudock, Rebekah MLC data and program evaluation
Hussein, Haitham M.Race/ethnicity impact on stroke quality of care (RISQ)
Hussein, Haitham M.NeuroGlove phase II trial (NG2)
Ip, Ka Developmental pathways linking disparities in neighborhood quality to mental health outcomes among adolescents: A bioecological approach to understand effects of structural racism
Johnson, LukeSleep-specific DBS therapy for Parkinson's Disease
Kunin-Batson, AliciaExploration of exosomes in the NET-Works cohort
Kunin-Batson, AliciaBaby's first years study
LeSage, Mark Development of an animal model to identify common serum-based biomarkers of prenatal methamphetamine exposure and its adverse consequences between rats and humans
Mejia, Angie Catching up' In a post-Roe world: Health sciences students' perspectives on sexual health education, needs, and rights
Mejia, Angie Just in Case: Lessons learned from a student-led health promotion program on a campus without an on campus health infrastructure
Mejia, Angie Strategies to expand sexual health education and increase access to community-based sexual and reproductive health services for undergraduate students in the health sciences and STEM
Mejia, Angie Just In Case: sexual health resources & accessibility in the making - A student-led mutual aid health promotion model
Mejia, Angie Undergraduate women of color students and their perspectives on the influence of socio-cultural stressors on their emotional and socio-academic lives: A community-based participatory research (CBPR) study at a PWI
Mejia, Angie Building cross-cultural community resilience through increased fresh-food access and citizenship
Mejia, Angie & Paul Sambanis (UIC- University of Illinois Chicago) STOP project: student-driven approach utilizing innovative technology to end school violence in K-12 settings
Neil, ElizabethRetrospective review of effectiveness of lab monitoring for high grade glioma patients treated with temozolomide
Padrutt, EmilyPerinatal depressive symptoms and infant self-regulation: pathways through infant autonomic regulation and postnatal maternal sensitivity
Panayiota (Pani), KendeouDevelopmental Dyslexia (DD): Early identification and intervention
Phu TranA translational approach for establishing serum-based biomarkers of the neurobehavioral consequences of prenatal opioid exposure
Pierpont, Rene Neurocognitive and neuroimaging markers of emerging cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy
Pierpont, Rene Stakeholder perspectives on treatments for neurocognitive and behavioral concerns in RASopathies
Ramel, Sara fMRI guided individualized TMS to manage drug craving in people with methamphetamine use disorder
Ramel, Sara Improving growth and neurodevelopmental outcomes in preterm infants experiencing hyperglycemia (The CGM trial)
Randolph, Anita Characterizing the impacts of structural inequalities in children with prenatal methamphetamine exposure using a novel database of multidimensional measures of structural determinants of health (MMSH)
Simacek, JessicaNutrition, growth, and neurodevelopment for infants with critical congenital heart disease 
Simacek, JessicaGhana Telehealth Outreach and Technical Assistance Program (GHTOTAP)
Simacek, JessicaBridging barriers to intervention access for waitlisted children with ASD
Simacek, JessicaBridging barriers (Autism FIRST)
Simacek, JessicaIntervening on social-communicative skills for children with developmental disabilities using Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions with coaching via telehealth
Simacek, Jessica and Wolff, JasonBaby Sprout: Caregiver and infant coaching activities via telehealth
Streib, ChrisM Health-Fairview inpatient telestroke project (Rapid Eval Project with Center for Learning Health Sciences)
Streib, ChrisUtility of routine transfer for post-thrombolysis acute ischemic stroke patients
Symons, Frank Early behavior and sensory experiences (E-BASE) Project
Tervo-Clemmens, BrendenDetermining the effect of six weeks of cannabis abstinence on fronto-striatal fMRI markers in adolescents with cannabis use disorder (ABSCAN)
Van de Winckel, Ann A clinical trial of cognitive multisensory rehabilitation for sensory and motor recovery in adults with spinal cord injury
Van de Winckel, Ann Remotely delivered cognitive multisensory rehabilitation for sensory and motor recovery after spinal cord injury
Walk, DavidClinic-based multicenter ALS natural history data collection study
Wang, Jing Optimizing coordinated reset deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease
Wang, SonyaTopiramate safety in neonates
Wang, Sonya
Multimodal Profiling of Response to Pediatric Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics
Whitley, Chester An open-label, phase 1/2 study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of single-dose LY3884961 in infants with type 2 gaucher disease
Whitley, Chester JR-141-GS31: A phase III study of JR-141 in patients with mucopolysaccharidosis II (STARLIGHT)
Widge, AlikMRI for TMS targeting
Yuan, Shauna
Development of a music tele-therapy protocol for the treatment of neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer's Dementia
Zelazo, PhilMetacognition and executive function in late childhood