Get to know the MIDB

Interprofessional Education: Get-to-Know-the-MIDB Colloquium Series

Multipurpose Room 1-510

Join us at our new Get-to-Know-the-MIDB colloquium series and meet the MIDB leadership team and learn about our core research services, clinic structure, and community engagement partners. Each event includes a presentation followed by light refreshments and opportunities for socializing.

Our goal is to test the central hypothesis that childhood adversity may shape later stress reactivity and vulnerability to affective disorders via structural and/or functional differences in the neural correlates of brain-body connections, or the “central visceral network.” The central visceral network is a good candidate neural mechanism in that it controls/modulates autonomic and neuroendocrine activity, playing a key role in stress responses. We examine this network using multimodal neuroimaging techniques (i.e., diffusion-weighted imaging, resting-state connectivity and stressor-evoked activity and connectivity) in a transdiagnostic sample of young adults with histories of childhood threat (e.g., abuse and/or traumatic events).