FAQs about MIDB Membership

Please consider joining the MIDB as a member if you have not already done so!

What does it mean to be a member of MIDB? Membership allows individuals to formalize their connections to the Institute, to take advantage of funding and travel opportunities that the Institute supports, and to be listed on our website among the University’s experts in developmental science. We encourage you to become involved in the MIDB by attending MIDB-sponsored events, colloquia, participating in committees if asked, and forming collaborations with researchers across disciplines.  As a MIDB member, you are welcome to apply to conduct research within the Institute’s facilities. To date, there are over 120 active members of the Institute.

Who can apply for membership?  MIDB membership is open to UMN faculty, postdoctoral fellows/trainees, staff, and students. Faculty can indicate whether they wish to be designated as governing faculty, faculty, or affiliates.

How do I apply?  Membership forms are automated and accessible on the MIDB website. There are separate forms for students and non-students.

My department is housed within MIDB. Am I automatically considered to be a member of the MIDB? No, you are not. Individuals do not have choices about their departments’ physical locations within the University, and we recognize that some individuals may not wish to be designate themselves as MIDB members or to participate in MIDB programming.

I am a clinician within one of the MIDB clinics. Am I automatically considered to be a member of the MIDB? No, you are not. See above.

I noticed that the membership form asks for information about research interests and activity. What if I am not an active researcher? Research involvement is not a requirement of membership, however we are frequently asked to report on the research activity of our members in the context of annual reports to stakeholders. We also use this information to evaluate MIDB’s programs, to inform the creation of new programs, and to match researchers with specific opportunities.

How long does it take to become a member? Applications are evaluated as they are submitted. You can expect a reply within ten days, if not sooner. 

Who do I contact if I have questions? Questions can be directed to Brie Katterjohn at [email protected].