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Clinical Spotlight: Pediatric Psychology Program: Outpatient Consultation

Children and adolescents with chronic medical conditions have increased risk for developing mental health concerns as they frequently encounter stressors related to their physical illnesses. The Pediatric Psychology Program provides support and interventions for these patients and their caregivers to help them adjust to new diagnoses, cope with the impact of physical illnesses, and adhere to medical regimens.

The consultation is typically short-term, goal-oriented, and evidence-based. We often complete a health and behavior assessment during the first virtual meeting with the patient and caregivers where we discuss:

  • current medical conditions
  • related treatments
  • impact of the illnesses and treatments on the youth’s home, school, social, and emotional functioning
  • current coping

We then discuss treatment goals and plans. At this point, we collaboratively decide whether we will continue virtual appointments or instead meet in person.

The consultation program is led by pediatric psychologists and pediatric neuropsychologists including Amy Gross, PhD, Amanda Kalstabakken, PhD, and Lidan Gu, PhD. The team also includes four psychology interns and two postdoctoral fellows.

Who We Serve

The program serves patients from birth to 18 years old who have chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, long COVID symptoms, end stage kidney disease, congenital diseases, and undiagnosed diseases.

How Can I Refer a Patient or Learn More?

Referrals are welcomed from any pediatric subspecialty team within M Health Fairview and can be made in EPIC. The referral type is “Peds Mental Health.” Please also provide a brief description of the reason for referral. We will connect with the youth and the family as soon as we can.

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