Expanding Our Impact

Expanding Our Impact Through Teleoutreach

April 23, 2021

Today more than ever, we understand the critical need to connect with patients and families remotely, as we reach out beyond our walls into homes, clinics, and communities in every corner of the state.

The Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain will include a dedicated teleoutreach center featuring secure remote communication technology to connect MIDB’s leading specialists with people throughout Minnesota who need their services.

Through teleoutreach—which refers to the intersection between telemedicine and other educational and support services—we can deliver personalized care and services such as remote assessment, intervention, and support for young people who have mental health and developmental disabilities. This technology will enable convenient and timely access to services and support for significantly more patients and families.

Other News

Itasca 1,000 Days celebration presentation by Dr. Tolar
MIDB hosted the Itasca First 1,000 Days Celebration.
female child with physician
All of our faculty members in Pediatric Neuropsychology provide clinical evaluations for our rare disease patients.
Painting of two trees
Created in 2004 by artist Catherine L. Johnson, Pine Tree: INFINITY is now installed at MIDB as part of our permanent art collection.