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Great Minds Get-Together

On June 21, more than 100 invited guests attended the Great Minds Get-Together at MIDB. Hosted by the University of Minnesota Foundation, the event culminated with leaders from MIDB, the University and M Health Fairview along with donors and other supporters to celebrate the institute's opening and its impact on the community.

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The event included a reception with remarks by MIDB Co-Directors Damien Fair, PA-C, PhD, and Michael Georgieff, MD, who highlighted the MIDB's mission, pillars, and its early accomplishments.

"Although we opened our doors less than a year ago, we are already making good on our promise to set up every child and adolescent for success," Fair told the event attendees. "Already, clinicians are providing timely, personalized care for children and families, while researchers pursue better, more effective treatments. We’re also sharing our findings and knowledge with the community—and asking the community to share their expertise with us, too. These accomplishments are incredible, and they’re proof that the MIDB mission is worthwhile."

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The program also featured a former grateful patient with Tourette syndrome who shared her experience as a research volunteer, and concluded with a toast delivered by Medical School Dean Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD, along with College of Education and Human Development Dean Michael Rodriguez, PhD, and M Health Fairview CEO James Hereford.

"Just a few years ago, the MIDB was just an idea―a dream of what we could do if we brought together experts from across disciplines, both from the University and community, and focused on childhood brain development," said Tolar, who is also vice president for clinical affairs. "The dream was to have everything in one place, the research, the clinical care, the community input and outreach. And the ultimate dream was to use the knowledge we gained to improve the lives of children by giving them a better start. Today, the MIDB is real. Please join me in toasting the success of the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain—its current work and its bright future—and all of you, who are making that possible. To children, to the MIDB, and to making this important dream a reality."

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