Fleur de Junk artwork

MIDB Artwork Spotlight: "Fleur de Junk"

The piece "Fleur de Junk" is now part of MIDB's permanent art collection. Created by local artist Stephanie Dillon, the 6 foot by 4 foot canvas in acrylic medium features pink, orange, blue, yellow, black and white. 

Generously purchased on behalf of the MIDB by Craig and Robin Dahl in support of FashionFest, the piece is located on the first floor of MIDB, just as visitors come in from the garage and just before they arrive at the clinic desk. 

Dillon is a Twin Cities–based many-medium artist who drives reinvention as regeneration. By reviving discarded items, recycling art to bring new beauty to each piece and painting on mediums such as upcycled clothing and furniture using a variety of creative techniques, she interrogates and rejects the idea of disposability.

According to her online bio, Dillon's art features "strong compositions of light and color that evoke an emotional response and draw the viewer into her canvas with rhythmic precision - combining her passions of art and unwavering activism, the juxtaposition of her tantalizing demonstrative captures the 'vulgar beauty' of social unrest, degradation and environmental inhumanity with technical wit and sensitivity. As a self-taught artist, her multi-disciplinary techniques and mixed media sensibilities allow her to reach diverse markets, set trends, share ideas and work independently and in cohesive, collaborative settings."

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