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Translational Neuroscience Hub: Call for Seed Grant Applications


The MIDB Translational Hub seeks to support up to four seed grants ($25,000 for one year of work). Given recent advancements in the field of liquid biopsy and developmental biomarkers, we seek to support exploratory/developmental proposals that investigate bodily fluids-derived biomarkers (e.g., free-floating DNA, exosomes, neural-specific extracellular vesicles, metabolites, miRNAs, etc.) that can ultimately have diagnostic or prognostic implications for neurobehavioral development and lead to subsequent externally funded projects (e.g., NIH R21, R01). Applicants may submit proposals that use the listed methodologies in combination with other tools (e.g., electrophysiology, neuroimaging). Proposals can involve preclinical models, human research, or both. Priority will be given to applications that align with the mission of the MIDB.

Other News

MIDB MRI room with Seascape imagery
MIDB is the first Minnesota facility to partner with RxART to enhance its physical environment through visual art.
Illustration of the thought processes in the brain
The new MIDB Precision Brain Atlas is an open resource of functional neural networks from over 9,900 individuals across ages and cohorts.
Mother and child video calling their family doctor at home stock photo
MIDB received $3.5M to lower barriers to accessing & navigating services for children with developmental/emotional/behavioral concerns.