MIDB Art Program Committee

The MIDB Art Program Committee works to create a safe space that provides a rich visitor experience through the installation of well researched, high-calibur art. The committee includes representatives from the clinics, Center for Neurobehavioral Development, and the Institute on Community Integration (ICI) who volunteer their time to establish, preserve, and document permanent and rotating art collections that reflect the diverse local, national, and international communities MIDB serves.

When selecting artwork, the committee considers:

  • MIDB’s goal of advancing brain health and fostering community inclusion from the earliest stages of development across the lifespan to ensure optimal adult outcomes.
  • MIDB’s location and surroundings, specifically how the artwork can bring the “outside in,” similar to how the current murals throughout the facility draw on MIDB’s connection to the Mississippi River.
  • Community. Through art, how do we tell the story of the community as well as the artists? Typically, signs accompanying artwork indicate the artist’s name, the medium, and year it was created. At MIDB, every piece will include a story about the art and the artist.

The ultimate goal is for the art at MIDB—including our permanent pieces and ICI’s Art for All rotating exhibits—to resonate with our staff and visitors, and that they see and connect with the stories behind each piece, and feel welcomed into the building.